January 15, 2014

I went to high school with Lindsay and Nate, and I remember them being THE couple. Everyone breathed a sign of relief (and shed some tears of joy) when they finally got married a few months ago. What an amazing night to be a part of!

Top 5 Favorites

-Watching Lindsay interact with her daughter. Even on her wedding day, Lindsay was a thoughtful, fun and loving mother to her three-year-old (and I was amazed!).
-An emotional ceremony officiated my a mutual high school friend
-Beautiful live music, written and performed by friends of the couple
-Lindsay’s surprise decor for her hunter of a groom: antler chandeliers!
-Coffee and donuts served while the theme song to COPS played, in honor of Nate’s profession

Lindsay shares their story below:

Nate and I were high school sweethearts and dated for a total of 3 years between high school and college. After being separated for almost 7 years, we reunited and there was an immediate connection. I went back in time to the feelings I had in years past. Once engaged I knew I wanted to celebrate our history at our wedding; making every detail ours.

The goal of the wedding was for everyone to have a good time and discover a little bit more about the both of us.

I am a Catering Director for a large company in Columbus, Georgia, so I had a clear vision of what I wanted and how to achieve it. Nate is a police officer in town who works long, crazy hours and has never planned a party in his life. He was happy to allow me to make most of the decisions. The wedding became a challenge to me. I wanted Nate to be impressed by my work, not only as a professional in the industry, but as his partner and the person who knows him the best. I left large pieces of the décor and design elements of the wedding out while conversing with Nate just so he could be surprised on our BIG day.
“I focused my budget on high impact items and conversation starters.”

The wedding had a modern vibe with a relaxed atmosphere. I made use of Nate’s passions in the design. For example, he is hunter so we had large elk antler chandeliers above the dance floor and utilized deer antlers I painted with high gloss white and gold tips in a DIY project for the centerpieces. To highlight his job I arranged for the “Cops” theme song to play while Iced Coffee and doughnuts were served as dessert to our guests.

I wore a Rivini gown down the aisle, a dress fitting for the venue. The National Infantry Museum is really grand in scale, so I need my dress to be formal enough to match the setting. I chose to not wear a veil, but fresh flowers in my hair to have a fun touch of color in my photos. I really tried to not leave any details un-done.

One of the most memorable moments of our day was seeing one another and exchanging gifts prior to the ceremony. Nate gave me a pearl ring, which was perfect because I wore my Grandmother’s pearl necklace that she was given on her wedding day by my grandfather. I gave him cufflinks and a love note. On the note I explained to him that I had his Nanny’s wedding ring on my bouquet. She had passed about three years prior and the day before my daughter was born. It was a special moment to see things God had planned for us come together in a way we could have never thought possible. Our lives had come full circle and we both were right where we needed to be.

The idea was having the formality of a black and white wedding while using color to entertain the eye.

We had a Christian ceremony in which I walked down a stripped black and white aisle runner lined with colorful rose petals. Our officiate is a dear friend of ours so the ceremony was very personal. He had known us since we dated in high school; I think he secretly rooted for us to reunite ever since. Several people afterwards told me how much they enjoyed Pastor Rob’s personable message and sweet words. My daughter, Isabelle, was the flower girl. She was absolutely precious in her blue suede shoes and ivory dress. She wore a fresh eucalyptus wreath to mimic my bouquet on her tasseled red hair. She definitely stole the show and everyone’s hearts as she ‘shhhed’ the bridesmaids when the vows began.

Once our guests arrived downstairs, after the ceremony, they came to an artesian cheese display. Nate and I are known amongst are friends to always have “different” cheeses at our home for them to try, so we didn’t want to disappoint at the wedding, either.

As we danced our first dance, we realized this was our first time really dancing with one another since high school. It felt comfortable to be in one another’s arms again.

A friend sang and wrote our first dance song. I had the lyrics printed on a colorful and geometric place cards for our guests. I wanted everyone to read the words so they could love the song as much as we did.

As dinner was served, a video ran of Nate and me talking about how we met, why we loved each other and thanking everyone for coming. It was the perfect way to let our guests into our lives. I was so excited for dinner. Beyond the crazy diet I did to fit into my wedding dress I would finally be able to share my passion and livelihood with everyone. FOOD! Chef served us an Iceberg Wedge Salad complete with bacon, New Zealand Blue Cheese, candied pecans and the best part Avocado Ranch Dressing. The entrée was Free Range Chicken Breast with Creamy Green peppercorn and Cognac Sauce on Mushroom Risotto and roasted baby heirloom tomatoes and root vegetables. It is simply amazing and so wonderful to hear people complimenting the food. Shortly after our entrees were served, the toasts began. It felt so good to stand before our family and friends and know they were “life time people” for us. Each and every one of them was there with purpose in our lives.

As the night continued we truly danced it away. Nate and I did not leave the dance floor until our limo arrived. The night went by so quickly but I can still remember all of the conversations I had and moments I will cherish for the rest of my life. As we hugged and kissed everyone goodnight and loaded into the limo we had our grand finale ending. Columbus police motorcycle unit escorted us with blue lights until we reached the highway. We were off to Mexico and the next chapter in our new lives.

Hair – Lindsey White with Southern Glam Salon and Boutique
Makeup – Hayley Bidez with Hayley Bidez Makeup Artistry
Accommodations – Hampton Inn Fort Benning Conference Center
Venue – National Infantry Museum
Dress – Rivini, Brides by Lori
Floral – Kim Nelson with Bloomwoods
Lighting/Draping – RSL Theatrical
Chandeliers – Outdoor Events
Catering – It’s Your Day Catering
Chairs Covers – Reception Décor
Cake Pops – Midtown Cakes
DJ – Mikes Mobile DJ Service
Photography – Achor & Eden